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Hamilton EV are NOT car dealers. We don't have customers. - We have friends and family.

Yes, we legally have to be registered as Motor Vehicle Traders by law, but that is where it STOPS.

Our business model is education focused. We are here to serve you, help you as you begin the EV journey and ensure you make the right investment, make no mistake, it is investing, not simply buying another car or motor vehicle.

When you have the EV basics and understand the next stage, you will decide when you are ready to make that decision and we will support you every step of the way, with our Hamilton EV Value Pack, FREE W.O.F. for life, FREE service every year and FREE 150 point safety check every year. Full roadside assistance, 24 / 7 and 365 days per year, better than AA roadside as well!

Free puncture repair, Free tyre rotation every six months, No one in New Zealand offers you the support, backup and warranty we offer, did we mention the 5 Year Battery Warranty with every 11 Bar and 12 Bar Leaf?

Ask us more. about our absolute unconditional 12 month bumper to bumper warranty, NO exceptions, No exclusions and No excess, No other EV dealer in New Zealand offers this level of service and support.


We based our business model and care program on the New Zealand banking system, or to be specific the exact opposite.

Think about it for a moment, we have all seen the ads on TV or the internet.

Bank A. is advertising to attract customers from other banks. They will offer you free 12 months interest on your credit card, a free holiday in a sunny overseas location, all for just switching and leaving your current bank.

Except the issue we have is that you have been with Bank A for ten years and have been loyal and supportive customer. So you see the advertising and you ring and enquire, Hey, where is my free 12 months interest free

Where is my free overseas holiday and they reply in a basic condescending way, that this offer is for new customers only, they already have your business so you dont qualify !

What Hamilton Electric Vehicles did was turn that around and we decided to invest heavily in our existing EV owners, providing constant support and doing ANYTHING ANYWHERE ANYTIME.this ensures 100% total satisfaction, see our perfect Google reviews and Social Media feedback, thus creating Hamilton EV advocates and paying for your EV registration every year or providing rewards and special offers.

Welcome to Hamilton Electric Vehicles, were we don't have customers we have family and friends, the way we treat you from the first meeting and every step of the way, is exactly how we treat our own family and close friends.

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