It is with the deepest of regrets and sadness that the directors and shareholders of all companies associated with Hamilton Electric Vehicles Limited have announced today that the company is closing.

We will now sit down around the table with the directors, banks and shareholders and finance companies to discuss a plan moving forward.

In the interim customers are to provide their own warrant of fitness and keep the receipt and another announcement will be made as soon as practically possible.

We would like to thank our customers for their extreme loyalty and we would like to thank those that used company for advice and knowledge and then went and bought elsewhere.

As a result of Covid and the effects that it had on our trading and income we have never been able to recover from the trading pattern and downturn, then when the government announced that the clean car rebate was to be scrapped, we were unfortunately left with 147 vehicles that were arguably $4,500 to $5000. overpriced, this led to a panic response from lenders in the bank and lending industry as well as our main suppliers.

We are currently considering an offer from another dealer to co join with their brand and we will update you as soon as possible on this potential development.