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Why Electric?

1 – EVs are significantly cheaper to run than petrol/diesel cars.

2 – EVs are environmentally friendly and emit 80% less CO2 than an equivalent petrol vehicle.

3 – Battery EVs emit 60% fewer climate change emissions over their full life cycle than petrol vehicles.

4 – EVs have great torque can accelerate quickly and smoothly from a standing start and With no gears to work through.

5 – EVs are quiet so the car stereo sounds great and conversations with passengers are much easier.

6 – EVs handle well as the weight of the battery pack gives EVs a lower centre of gravity.

7 – You can charge your EV anywhere there’s a power point and wake to a ‘full tank’ every morning.

8 – For comprehensive information on this please visit the EECA Energywise website.

Hamilton Electric Vehicles

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